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Opinions on mandating hpv vaccine

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Moreover, far fewer 9- to 12-year-old and 18- to 26-year-old girls and women have initiated the vaccination series.The poor rate of HPV vaccine coverage for 9- to 12-year-old girls is particularly worrisome because this has been deemed the ideal age to vaccinate.There has been an explosion of literature regarding HPV vaccination programs and the relative difficulty in adopting the vaccine series with a completion rate of under 50% of patients in the recommended age ranges for vaccination.Methods: Articles were obtained from an extensive Medline literature search (1998-present) to evaluate the current HPV vaccination regimens for teenagers with special emphasis on the urologically focused disease burden.In 1986, the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act was passed and the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Board was formed by Congress at the behest of the vaccine manufacturers because they were being inundated with lawsuits from parents of children that had been injured by vaccines and this was seriously affecting their profit margins.This legislation made the pharmaceutical companies and the administrators of the vaccines not liable for injuries.Introduction: Human papillomavirus (HPV) infection remains one of the most commonly sexually transmitted infections in both females and males.HPV viruses are associated with several manifestations including genital warts, but more importantly for urology practitioners, cervical and penile carcinomas and recurrent genital condylomata in both sexes.

I should say right off that I think kids--all kids, not just girls--should be vaccinated against HPV. But at this stage of the game, adding it to a list of required vaccines it would be a mistake.

The incidence of HPV-related carcinomas has increased in cervical, oropharyngeal, vulvar, penile, and anal cancers.

Effective vaccines have been available for almost a decade, but widespread adoption of vaccine administration has been problematic for multiple reasons.

SPRINGFIELD - Illinois parents may not be aware, but since 2013, Illinois Department of Public Health rules have allowed school nurses and clinicians to give their 12 year old daughters the HPV vaccine without parental knowledge or consent.

All it takes for the child to be shot with Gardasil is for her to say she has been exposed to a sexually-transmitted infection - which, according to common criminal law, should immediately initiate a statutory rape investigation.