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The big turn in “Re-Launch,” which then carries over to “Katie,” involves Jess losing her teaching job, a shock to her system so serious that she adapts two separate alter egos over the course of tonight’s episodes.The first, husky-voiced shot girl Ivy, is all about illuminating who Jess is not: A world-weary booze-slinger plying her sexuality for tips and attention.The masterpiece that results in this partnership is the “Swuit” — a suit made out of a sweatsuit.Jess (Zooey Deschanel) is their cheerleader, therapist, and ultimately, their model.Back then it was losing a long-term boyfriend, now it’s losing the job she loved—the Jess stories in “Re-Launch” and “Katie” are all about the character finding herself when a defining attribute of her personality suddenly evaporates.These have never been the most potent of New Girl storylines, but the show now has the benefit of buttressing a dejected-and-searching Jess with relationship- and character-based material that wasn’t available to the show at the time of its pilot or “Kryptonite.” That comes on the strongest in the evening’s Jess-Nick scenes, which trade on the genuine, sweet rapport that has developed between Zooey Deschanel and Jake Johnson. His ascension through the ranks of the show’s ensemble is honored in “Re-Launch,” which is as much a Schmidt episode as it is a Jess episode.He's been simply known as Schmidt for the past six years on New Girl.And the full name of Max Greenfield's character in the hit sitcom - which focuses on Zooey Deschanel's antics after moving into an apartment full of men - has finally been revealed.

Winston used to occupy the largest room in the loft, which Schmidt took when he left.Winston won the large room back by pulling some reverse psychology on Schmidt by suggesting he keep the big room.Winston later begins adjusting back to life in the US, and the first things he does is look for a job.Telling the gang, Schmidt reveals: 'The time has finally come. 'I have no choice - when I was born, my parents gave me a name.It was the name I was called for most of my life, and I want my name back,' he admits before holding a nameplate.And the original Winston didn't seem too pleased after the long-time pals made a pact fifteen years ago that one got to keep the name, while the other had to go by his last name.