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A combination ride from anywhere in Singapore to anywhere in Malaysia can also be arranged, but you’ll need to swap cabs halfway through: this will cost S or more, paid to the Singaporean taxi driver who will arrange with his Malaysian taxi counterpart to wait at Larkin.Let’s see how We Chat can enhance your messaging and social experience, shall we?Recommended Reading: A Look Into: Viber Desktop For Windows And Mac One thing that sets We Chat apart from other messaging apps is the ability to chat with your We Chat contacts on a computer.However, work had me take a closer look at We Chat recently and I’m happy to report that We Chat is a very complete app with many cool and useful features.Seriously, you might know We Chat by the basic features the app and many others like it provide but it’s the other extra features you will discover in this list that might interest you to give it a second chance, if you haven’t already.This trick for We Chat which will help you to keep your privacy safe as well as help your friends to add you on We Chat easily.