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Normally I would forget it but the fact she was a stunner whos way out of my league and the fact she seemed interested in me meant I continued to chat to her and add her on facebook.

Plus shes said she wants to come to London to study which is ideal for me and I'd love to go to Los Angeles so I definitely see a future with her.

However just recently alarm bells have started to sound, i've asked her if she has whatsapp, facetime, skype so we can cam to cam but she told me she has neither of those things and apparently her webcam is broken as well.

She doesn't have IG or twitter she literally only has a facebook account because she said they're too much of a distraction and she needs to concentrate on her studies.

Normally I wouldn't be too worried but shes not a regular looking bird so I find that odd that a girl thats as attractive as her would only have a facebook plus the act I have always thought it was weird that shes on an online dating site when she would have no problem at all finding a man, and i'm not exactly Brad Pitt!

Maybe it's me being paranoid but I don't know, I just feel somethings not right about it. I'll show you some pics later as well so you can see for yourself.

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Let's make clear that not all girls online are from USA, but I prefer 24h Cams to other cam sites because of the ease of tracing a girl's nationality: if you wanted to look up USA girls on the fly to start a nice chat, and - why not?

- maybe see them naked too, all you need to do is looking at the two letters on the bottom right of the thumbnail image, "US" for instance, standing for United States, "CO" for Colombia, and so on.