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On the latest episode of “The Americans,” it was time for the Jennings’ family to stop messing around and get their head back in the game; while everyone concerned got a taste of what might be to come, if the world didn’t pay its cards right, figuratively and literally, in “The Day After.” The title referred to a TV-movie that was apparently the most-watched of its kind in history- over 100 million people watched it at the time, making it truly appointment television before there really was such a thing.

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Basically, a Fundamental Baptist is a Bible-believing Baptist.Because a Fundamental Baptist believes the Bible, he or she also believes in the baptism of believers in Jesus by immersion in water, as the Bible instructs.Megan, along with her younger sister, Grace, left the church in 2012, after a long and silent struggle to continue supporting the violently anti-gay, antisemitic, (and anti-human) diatribe her grandfather (WBC founder, the late Fred Phelps) ground into the minds of his children and grandchildren for decades. Like this: God hates America." That afternoon, as Phelps-Roper picketed a small business in Topeka with other Westboro members, she was still glued to her i Phone.

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They’re denominationally aligned with the Southern Baptist Convention, but that doesn’t mean you have to be Baptist to join this group of God-hungry Christians.

Lead Pastor Rick Warren is known for his book The Purpose Driven Life and his teaching is fed to church members not just in California, but around the world.

"It's not just like 'Yes, all these people are seeing it,'" she told me. Megan continued tweeting out vile messages for the sinners (aka everyone), and celebration when tragedy struck (proof of God's wrath).

"It's proof that people are seeing it and reacting to it." Phelps-Roper spent much of the morning responding to angry tweets, citing Bible passages. Surprisingly, it was a Hollywood tragedy that first gave Phelps-Roper a glimpse of humanity--something that she had been taught not to have.