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Updating sas license

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Following this menu path, you will get to a program called Renew SAS Software: Renew SAS Software After clicking on Renew SAS Software, you will see the window below.If you have not obtained a license file, please see help document 5546.If this is the case, please contact local IT support for assistance with applying the SAS license renewal file.To determine who your local IT support person is, see the Local IT Support for Schools and Departments page.SAS 9.2 ships with a 30-day initial license, or SETINIT.When your new SETINIT arrives, you must renew it on every machine that runs SAS 9.2 software using the typical method according to your operating system: SAS Renewal Tool (Windows), SAS Setup (UNIX), and RENEW job (z/OS).For information on how to apply these license renewal files, please see our Renewing Your SAS Site License documentation.

Some SAS 9.2 solutions that depend on a SAS middle tier require you to perform an additional step.

The license information is stored in metadata so that middle-tier applications can access it in order to check whether the license is valid.

Not all solutions require that the SAS Installation Data file (SID) file be stored in metadata, however the list of solutions that do require it is growing and includes SAS Visual Analytics. To update the license information in metadata, run the SAS Deployment Manager and select Update SID File in Metadata.

One of the jobs of SAS Administrators is keeping the SAS license current.

In the past, all you needed to do was update the license for Foundation SAS and you were done.