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For most of recorded history money has meant coins.

However banking was invented well over a thousand years before coins and China abandoned paper money in favour of coins just as Europe was turning to paper.

The UN formally recognized it as an international holiday in 2010; Barack Obama extended Nowruz greetings to observers every year of his administration since 2009 (although they often doubled as statements on the relationship between the United States and Iran).

Former first lady Michelle Obama even held a Persian New Year celebration at the White House in 2015, complete with the Obama family's own haft-seen (more on what a haft-seen is later).

The Byzantine Empire — the Eastern Roman Empire — ruled the Holy Land from Constantinople almost unimpeded until Muslim armies under Omar ibn Khattab conquered the city in 634 CE.

Mazar, a third-generation Israeli archaeologist, has overseen the excavations of the Ophel and Jerusalem’s City of David, the lower slope of the Temple Mount.

But once I started to learn more about what Nowruz means outside of food — which, to be fair, is an important part of most holidays on this planet — I realized how fascinating its layered traditions really are.

Don't ask me how much coins or banknotes are worth.

Use the price guides in some of the links below or try coin dealers, the numismatic collections of libraries etc.

Nowruz marks the end of the old year and the beginning of a new one, and it occurs on the day of the vernal equinox.

More accurately, the New Year begins the second the equinox does — so, not just at the stroke of midnight.