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Updating sql database in vb net

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The data storage plays a very important role while developing any application.

This tutorial will cover that how to create a SQL server express database with VS2008 and make a connection with it. On default page take & drop Textboxes, Button, as shown in given figure 1.

Open the solution explorer right click on website add new item – open item templates select SQL Server Database click on add button after that show message box click on “Yes” button.

Now follow the following steps to create the table: Figure 2: SQL Server Database Table with given Columns After create database go on page and double click on Submit Button and write down some code: Listing 2: C# code to insert data in database Now you have to create a web.config connection entry to connect to database.

The Sql Data Source and Access Data Source controls can define the value by which the query is filtered by using parameters, and these parameters can retrieve their values from a variety of sources, including: the querystring, session variables, other Web controls on the page, and so on.

Like the connection string and query, the filter parameters values for a data source control can be set declaratively, meaning you do not need to write a line of code.

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If you have any suggestion related to this article then please contact me.Now, the most important thing is to specify the image URL property of the image control that display the images from the database, so let us see how to do it.Summary Now we have learned how to upload images to a database and display those images in Grid View.In the preceding table, the Image Name column name is used to store the name of an image file and the image is used to store the image file . Now let us start to create an application to upload and display image files step-by-step.In the preceding image, we can see the extension file, now keep the name as it is or change it as you wish, I have kept it as it is because the next time you can easily remember it and click on the add button, now after that your Solution Explorer will look as in the following In the preceding Handler1cs file, first I have created the object of the cs class to use the connection method and variable to avoid the repetition of code because in the cs file we also need the same connection method and string variables that are in the cs class.Note that this connection requires a Data Source, DB File Name, and provider name.