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Martha Smith-Jones, also called Dr Martha Jones and often referred to as Martha Jones, was a British physician.

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French speaking and listening activity, 'speed dating' style. ) and they answer, giving the information on their card.

These cards can be cut up and laminated, one is given to each student. Students then check that they heard / noted the correct details before moving on to another partner.

Students then have two or three minutes with a partner to ask each other questions in French (What is your name? Students really enjoy this and it provides lots of opportunity to practise their speaking and listening.

The cards can then be distruibuted around the class and used as a prompt for a writing activity for students to write a character profile.

I've thought about quitting, but I love what I do so much - it's the big conundrum of my life....

Voilà pourquoi, dans des bassins d’emploi où les employeurs rencontrent de grandes difficultés à trouver la perle rare, "Agissons pour l’Emploi" organise des job-datings le 5 février à Toulouse, le 12 à Marseille, le 19 à Rennes et le 26 à Paris.Tout recruteur est tenté de chercher un candidat qui lui ressemble.Cette tendance bien naturelle, il faut lutter contre - car les profils atypiques sont une chance pour la performance de l’entreprise.Sept minutes chrono pour décrocher le job de ses rêves, ou un deuxième rendez-vous.Sur le modèle connu du "speed-dating" les job-datings sont une prise de contact rapide entre un recruteur et un demandeur d’emploi.As an extension activity students could also describe what the character looks like or give additional details.