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Lena Headey est diplômée de l'English Rose School of Acting.

De 1994 à 2003, elle est en couple avec l'acteur Jason Flemyng.

Many fans of those movies remember Hamilton’s ripped physique in Terminator 2, and as a result, Headeytook some flak from critics for being too thin when Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles premiered. AE: Did you feel likeyou suddenly had to work out way more? I just thought, here’s a woman who has got a really difficultsituation for lots of reasons. What I love about it is — which I’ve yet to explore, which Ihope I’m going to get to — is all the layers of her insanity, which I think shehas. it’s her in control and her being ontop of everything, and I think what would be really cool is to see thecrumbling underneath. I mean, I love all the action stuff, it’sfun for me, but like Josh [Friedman] said … I loved it, and I’m at the moment writingthe feature for it, and I hope to get it financed by next spring.

At a press conference in July,executive producer Josh Friedman joked, “Anyone that thought she wasn’tphysically ready to do the role hadn’t been hit by her on the set like I had,and I just hope that all those doubters have the opportunity in thefuture.”Headey quipped, “I have gigantic biceps thisseason.”After the press conference, I met up with Headey at the Foxnetwork party on Santa Monica Pier, where we huddled together in a photo boothin an effort to talk over the blaring music. AE: Is there anythingin particular that you want to do with this character? he was like, “I don’t want toalways see you with a shotgun in your hand.” And I was like, “Iknow.”And I just want to explore her.

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Née aux Bermudes, où son père était chargé de la formation des policiers, elle déménage à Huddersfield dans le Yorkshire à l'âge de 5 ans et y demeure jusqu'à ses 17 ans.She played Katherine in Disney's The Jungle Book, released in 1994.The film had positive reviews and earned nearly million in the United States.One man who looks unlikely to have been enjoying this particular perk in recent months is Jerome Flynn, Lena’s former boyfriend.“Jerome and Lena aren’t on speaking terms any more and they are never in the same room at the same time,” a member of the crew informs me.We chatted about Sarah Connor, Headey’s latest tattoos and kissing Piper Perabo. Like I think she’s neglectedherself for such a long time, thinking about [her son, John Connor] andthinking about surviving and running, and if she f—s up then the wholeworld’s gonna die, do you know what I mean?